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Saudi Arabia said it could stabilize its oil exports in the next 20 years

Saudi prince Salman, Deputy Minister of Saudi oil (quotation zone) and Saudi prince, said recently that although the domestic demand for crude oil increased by 136 parents of upstream and downstream technology industry factories, Saudi Arabia will be able to maintain its current export volume in the next 20 years without adding new capacity

Salman said that Saudi Arabia's crude oil production capacity is 12.5 million barrels per day. "We will maintain the current export level for the next 20 years or even longer, although domestic demand has increased. Those who predict that Saudi Arabia will become an oil importer are ignorant and almost idiots."

Salman pointed out that Saudi Arabia is currently improving energy efficiency to ensure that there is enough crude oil for export. According to Bloomberg statistics, Saudi Arabia's daily average crude oil production in December was 9.57 million barrels, lower than the level of 9.7 million barrels in November

abdallael Badri, Secretary General of the organization of petroleum exporting countries, said in London yesterday that the global crude oil market will maintain good supply in 2013. At present, OPEC's crude oil production can be integrated into Volvo's plate spring project, accounting for about 40% of the world. The organization revealed in its 16 report that the average daily crude oil production of member countries fell by 465000 barrels to 30.4 million barrels last month, with Saudi Arabia's production declining the most

Salman said that Saudi Arabia's total consumption of crude oil and other oil products has almost doubled in the past 17 years, and is now slightly higher than 8million barrels per day, including 4million barrels of crude oil and petrochemical products, and 4.2 million barrels of liquefied natural gas. Data display welcomes your attention. Jinan hengsi Shanda said that Saudi Arabia exported an average of 7.15 million barrels of crude oil per day in November, and Saudi Arabia's domestic power plants burned 367000 barrels of crude oil per day that month, a year-on-year decrease of 23%. It is reported that Saudi Arabia's power demand increases by 8% every year. Half of the country's power plants use natural gas for power generation, while the remaining half use crude oil or fuel oil. Citigroup said in its research report published on September 4 last year that if Saudi Arabia continues to use oil or oil products to produce 50% of electricity, and its electricity consumption continues to grow at an annual rate of 8%, it will become a net importer of oil in 2030. The bank said Saudi Arabia should use more renewable energy or nuclear energy

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