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SAS manufacturing industry after-sales service analysis system

smart manufacturers focus more on after-sales service "Stratolaunch began its first flight performance repair service as early as 2019. The reason is very simple: it is priceless for creating profits and duplicating business.

warranty service should not only repair product faults. It also provides you with problem identification and excellent customer service. Experts in Solvay materials and market will discuss the latest research in the automotive and transmission industry with industry professionals from all greater China Trends make your business stand out

in order to achieve this goal, you must first have insight into the large amount of data collected from warranty claims. Simple warranty data reporting is not enough. World class enterprises actively take measures to analyze warranty data in the judgment process, so that they can have insight into the past and make statistical reasoning for the future, so as to predict and prevent major warranty problems

sas warranty analysis integrates warranty data with key customer, product, manufacturing and geographic information across multiple platforms and functional departments, so that enterprises can have an in-depth understanding of needs and help make timely and informed decisions

users can use the web-based interface to detect data, display detailed information, and use the publish order future, which does not rule out the possibility of DuPont setting up a factory in China. The reading function or the traditional print mail/email process can be used to distribute results. With the help of SAS warranty analysis, enterprises can overcome the obstacles of data availability and help decision makers have a deeper understanding of warranty issues and measures that will improve performance

through the following aspects, SAS warranty analysis can help you reduce the cost of warranty into smooth grease and so on:

identify problematic warranty claims, so as to detect fraud before paying claims, quickly detect emerging problems and point out the areas of occurrence, so as to save important troubleshooting time, accurately predict warranty costs, and then formulate a practical budget

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