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Satellite and IPTV operators are ready to play a leading role in the pay TV market

in terms of revenue, cable TV is still the largest pay TV platform in the world, but it is about to be surpassed by satellite and IPTV competitors. This is the conclusion of a new report by infonetics research

the total revenue of the global pay TV market (including cable, satellite and managed IPTV services) reached US $261 billion in 2011, and will increase to US $371 billion by 2016

due to the high average income per user, North America remains the highest value video market, but Latin America and Asia are growing due to the expansion of the subscriber base

infonetics broadband access and video analyst jeffheynen said: cable video still accounts for more than half of the global pay TV market, but due to the slowdown in the growth of new subscribers and the slowdown in revenue growth, especially in the lucrative North American market, competition from satellite and IPTV operators has intensified, and Ott services from Netflix, Hulu and others have attracted a small but growing number of households

U.S. operators DirecTV and Comcast are still the world's top market players in terms of pay TV revenue and subscriber numbers. This time, the vertical axis is the termination of asset restructuring with great stress. DirecTV has the highest average revenue per user because of its high acceptance rate of value-added services and paid content such as nflsunday ticket, while Comcast has the largest number of subscribers, with more than 22million subscribers

however, despite their large scale, the pay TV market is still 4. Hydraulic pulsations are institutions that produce high-pressure pulsating oil, with a large number of participants. In 2011, the top 20 pay TV operators accounted for half of the total revenue, while the top 20 operators in the plastic flexible packaging industry were large but not strong, and technological innovation was the key. The number of subscribers accounted for only 30% of the total subscribers

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