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On July, 2019, the 20th College Teachers' Exchange Conference on artificial intelligence will be held in Beijing. Under the guidance of the software and integrated circuit promotion center of the Ministry of industry and information technology and the education management information center of the Ministry of education, this teacher class will be hosted by Huaqing vision education group, CO organized by the embedded system branch of the software industry association, and jointly organized by arm, Baidu, St, NXP

for the construction of artificial intelligence specialty in Colleges and universities, this exchange meeting will focus on teacher training and artificial. In this paper, we briefly introduce the construction of one-way valve Intelligent Laboratory of cement constant stress press, the construction of artificial intelligence teaching system, the case development of artificial intelligence projects, and other aspects to provide an integrated solution for the construction of artificial intelligence specialty. At the meeting, the focus will be on the construction of artificial intelligence teaching system and comprehensive technical training. At the same time, by carrying out the practical training of the deep learning teaching and research platform under the framework of tensorflow and paddlepaddle, and combining theory with practice, college teachers can quickly master AI knowledge system and deep learning principles

as we all know, AI technology has developed into the deep learning stage of machines after decades of iterative updates. It allows the machine to filter, classify and analyze data and make accurate decisions through the neural network learning system. At the same time, it also has super fast speed and kills human beings. It can greatly improve productivity and efficiently and accurately solve many problems that need to be handled by people. Moreover, after three cold winters, artificial intelligence has finally shouldered the banner of an important driving force of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, and has taken the lead in the application fields of driverless, simultaneous translation, biomedicine, urban management, traffic management, intelligent security and so on

AI is widely used, so it will bring great changes to the whole world

the figure shows: AI application field

AI can be widely used. In addition to technology providing the core driving force for development, there is also a series of national policy support, which promotes AI to enter our life, study and work faster

it is understood that in order to vigorously cultivate AI professionals, the Ministry of Education announced the filing and approval results of undergraduate majors in Colleges and universities in 2018 in March 2019. AI majors with high voice were included in the list of new undergraduate majors, and a total of 35 colleges and universities across the country were awarded the first batch of construction qualifications! There are not only Shanghai Jiaotong University and Tongji University, but also Anhui University of engineering, a local university with distinctive professional characteristics, and even South China Normal University and Changchun Normal University

the figure shows the approved list of 35 colleges and universities

nowadays, colleges and universities gradually pay attention to the talent training in AI related directions, and the state and enterprises are also vigorously supporting AI technology. Previously, a series of policies such as made in China 2025, the 12th Five Year Plan for IOT development, and the new generation of artificial intelligence development plan were issued by the state. Later, Baidu, Alibaba, Xiaomi, Tencent, Huawei, and many famous enterprises followed one another, comprehensively laying out the aiot industry. More and more things are directed to "artificial intelligence"

the support of national policies and the vigorous development of enterprises and colleges and universities have made artificial intelligence more and more popular. The annual gap of artificial intelligence talents is 1million. The cultivation of AI higher talents, SMM news: Recently, it has naturally become a major event related to the National Games

the picture shows the direction and Prospect of artificial intelligence technology

looking at the overall situation, although artificial intelligence technology is becoming more and more popular, the key lies in the further development of this technology. Therefore, how to promote the construction of artificial intelligence courses in Colleges and universities and cultivate professional artificial intelligence talents has become a particularly important point

at present, many AI related disciplines still need to have a deep theoretical research background. Under the situation of high-end talents grabbing at the industrial end, it is not easy for teachers who are capable of AI research to be in place quickly, which brings great resistance to the development of AI teaching in Colleges and universities

Fang Huaqing Yuanjian, the host of the event, is one of the first professional education institutions to carry out intelligent hardware education in China. It has more than 100 sets of experimental platforms and kits, more than 200 excellent lecturers, strong R & D strength and teaching staff, and has deep teaching and R & D accumulation in the direction of embedded/IOT/AI multidisciplinary construction and multi technology integration. At the same time, Huaqing vision also has a perfect curriculum system, rich output projects of industry university cooperation, and nearly 500 industry university cooperation collaborative education projects have been successfully approved. At the AI teacher training exchange meeting, participating teachers can obtain professional technical training, experience AI teaching and research equipment, and share teaching resources, so that teachers can quickly improve AI professional technical level and teaching ability, and help college teachers quickly set up AI related courses. The powerful advantage of the combination of production, study and research will also provide an integrated solution of teaching system/experimental platform/project cases/teacher training/laboratory construction/courses for the construction and teaching practice of AI courses in Colleges and universities, and comprehensively promote the construction of artificial intelligence disciplines in Colleges and universities

the following is the details of the 20th summer AI teacher course of Huaqing vision:

I. opening time

July 23-27, 2019

II. Course highlights

1 Master new popular technologies: Ai Ai, embedded AI; 2. Combine theory with practice, and quickly master the system and development methods of artificial intelligence; 3. Based on tensorflow, paddlepaddle and other machine learning systems; 4. AI innovation training kit and supporting tutorials specially developed for embedded AI; 5. Analyze and explain the project cases, and experience the complete process from artificial intelligence model training to practical application; 6. Help college teachers quickly set up AI related courses

III. curriculum outline

[day 1]

[day 2]

[day 3]

[day 4]

[day 5]

IV. practical training program

five-day learning 3.3.1 intensity level. Teachers in Colleges and universities can experience the AI project newly developed by Huaqing vision, which are AI sorting system project and AI robot project

v. registration details

for more information about AI senior teacher class in 2019 winter vacation, you can see Huaqing visionary officer

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