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Three dimensional sheet metal laser cutting and welding solution

using fiber laser generator and KUKA or Staubli series robots, it is suitable for the Asia Pacific region to use Ingeo as the supplier of PLA wire, including the cutting and welding of China Jufu automotive panels, the welding of electrical cabinets, the welding of oil tanks, the welding of compressors, the cutting and welding of automotive exhaust pipes, the cutting and welding of precision parts, etc. the solution adopts a fully enclosed structure, which is safe and environmentally friendly; Imported fiber laser generator, high speed and efficiency; It does not damage the material structure, and the machined surface is excellent

main features and advantages:

this solution combines the advantages of robot and laser processing, improves its dispersion point in polymer, is more flexible than 5-axis laser cutting machine tool, and has higher efficiency and accuracy than other robot processing methods (such as cold knife, water jet knife or ultrasonic)

greatly shortens the processing cycle

greatly improves the processing accuracy

can provide gantry structure and rotating worktable

can be combined with container and professional smoke exhaust system solutions, more environmental protection and mobility

provide professional clamping system, It can achieve an integrated turnkey solution

equipped with professional offline programming software

let's learn about an example of standard configuration processing:

laser cladding processing

auto exhaust pipe cutting and welding

auto panel cutting

comparison with plasma processing surface (the following figure shows plasma processing)

metal parts processing (end)

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