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Solve customer problems in time Shantui's high-quality service is famous overseas

solve customer problems in time Shantui's high-quality service is famous overseas

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recently, Wanpeng group sent a letter of thanks to Shantui for the after-sales service of 26 Shantui equipment (dh17f, sd16f, sr18m) purchased by Shantui in Wanpeng's 2016 Congo project

Wanpeng group has a close relationship of strategic cooperation with Shantui. For a long time, the company has always paid active attention to and focused on maintenance in the after-sales service of key customers, and put product quality feedback and problem solving in the first place. Since the use of this batch of equipment for a year, Shantui after-sales has timely solved dozens of quality problems, and the supply of personnel and accessories has always been in the forefront. Following the purchase of 26 equipment by Wanpeng group in 2016 and the load can no longer rise, dozens of sd22f were sent to Congo this year, and there are still batch purchase plans. These achievements are attributed to Shantui's excellent product quality and close after-sales service

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during the one-year service, Shantui service personnel are located in the depths of African forests, and the working environment is extremely difficult, but they carry forward Shantui's hard-working service spirit. The reasons for the vibration of general testing machine are usually the following: they have won the recognition of users for Shantui, and have made an important contribution to the wide spread of Shantui products to every corner of the world. Next 4 years

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