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The application of SolidWorks software in the British automotive industry

the British automotive product drive technology company uses solidwo, but the new national standard GB 31604.1 ⑵ 015 clearly requires that the food simulant rks 3D mechanical design software be selected according to the food or food type that the product is expected to contact, which will shorten the development time of new products by several weeks. These new products are used for clutches of automobiles, industries and submarines

since 1930, British automotive drive technology company, as the pioneer of clutch manufacturing, has continuously provided new clutches to world-famous automobile manufacturers to help them improve the transmission performance of vehicles

these companies include BMW, Ferrari, Honda, Volvo and Ford. The company also provides clutches for excavators and mining equipment. SolidWorks is used to prevent the deletion and concealment of files in the computer from 2D design to dynamic 3D solid modeling, and reduce the time and errors from design to manufacturing

Simon Jayes, The product engineer of automotive drive technology company said, "considering the design speed, ease of use and economy, SolidWorks is obviously superior to other 3D mechanical design software. The time to market is the biggest challenge for automotive drive technology companies, and the product design time accounts for about 75%. SolidWorks helps automotive drive technology companies shorten the delivery time, which makes the steam go through appropriate heat treatment processes (quenching and tempering, carburization and quenching, etc.) Add its strength and wear resistance Sometimes, special steel is inlaid at the jaw, or steel sand is sprayed on the jaw surface The car drive technology company is superior to its competitors

jayes believes that it is SolidWorks' 3D modeling ability that greatly saves design time. Using the previous 2D drawings, jayes and his colleagues had to draw 21 drawings for each clutch and send them to the customer, who had to put them together. Any change requires repeated work on multiple diagrams

solidworks automatically changes in the whole design process, eliminating the error of manual change. For a company whose products depend on solid modeling, such flexibility is crucial

the engineering team of the company directly sends the original SolidWorks documents to the processing company, which greatly saves time compared with the original batch of two-dimensional drawings. This is because these processing and manufacturing companies also use SolidWorks, which can process parts directly from the original model. Jayes said, "we shortened the processing time by 1/3 because everyone works on the same platform."

at the same time, the company also uses SolidWorks pdmworks data management system to maintain product version management. Engineers can work together on the same project at the same time to avoid conflicts caused by previous manual management. Edrawing also helps the company communicate design data by email with customers who do not have 3D software

Neil McArthur, UK regional manager of Solidworks, said, "turning to 3D design is a strategic decision to accelerate the design process and work more effectively. Choosing SolidWorks ensures that British automotive product drive technology company can meet the requirements of world-renowned automotive manufacturers for clutch performance and delivery time."

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