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Solve the problem of asphalt packaging

according to the data, China's annual asphalt output is about 4.5 million tons, of which about 20% of the asphalt is packaged in old iron barrels. It is these drums that bring pollution and waste in transportation, storage, loading and unloading, use and other links. Improving drum packaging has become the focus of attention at home and abroad. Many countries have invested funds and manpower to develop asphalt flexible packaging to replace iron drum packaging

after many years of research, the engineering and technical personnel of Dalian Xinke packaging materials Co., Ltd. have solved many key technologies in the production process of asphalt flexible packaging bags, such as sealing, compounding, anti sticking and so on, and made the flexible packaging bags degradable. They have successfully produced environment-friendly anti sticking asphalt flexible packaging bags, filling a gap in China's packaging products

the flexible packaging bags developed by Dalian Xinke packaging materials Co., Ltd. are paper materials, that is, the inner and outer sides are kraft paper, and the middle is fibrous stiffeners, with specifications of 25 kg and 40 kg respectively. Different from ordinary cement bags and fertilizer bags, it has high temperature resistance, oil and water resistance, non-toxic, anti viscosity, degradability and so on. Among them, the sealing tape, anti adhesion agent and compound agent at the top and bottom of the bag are major problems that are difficult to solve in the development of this product at home and abroad

the asphalt flexible packaging bag developed by Dalian Xinke packaging materials Co., Ltd. ends the history of asphalt using iron bucket packaging, and also opens a new way for the improvement of packaging of similar other products such as paraffin, rosin and so on. According to statistics, the loss of asphalt caused by the use of iron drums accounts for about 5% in China every year. The use of asphalt flexible packaging bags alone can reduce the loss by more than 60 million yuan. Zheng Guangdi, Vice Minister of the Ministry of communications, pointed out at the national key scientific and technological research and summary conference held by the Ministry of communications that the realization of flexible packaging of road asphalt is a revolution to change the storage, management and transportation of asphalt

Dalian, Liaoning economy, peninsula Morning Post and other media have reported that Dalian Xinke packaging materials Co., Ltd. has successfully developed environmental friendly asphalt flexible packaging bags, saying that Dalian Xinke has solved the worldwide problem of asphalt packaging

asphalt is an important material in highway construction, but its characteristics bring many problems to transportation, storage and use. For example, asphalt is in the state of mucus in production, and the liquid loading temperature reaches 180 ℃ - 280 ℃. High temperature resistant conditions are required for the packaging; After cooling, it will appear in a solid state and stick to the package. When taking out the asphalt, it is often necessary to heat the package. The method of using iron bucket for packaging is often to heat or cut the iron bucket with a welding gun to pour asphalt. Among them, due to the need to reheat in use, the cost per ton will increase by 150 yuan. In addition, accidents are very easy to occur in the process of cutting asphalt barrels with welding guns. Recently, Dalian reported such a news: at the construction site of Chaoyang Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian, a worker cut an iron bucket filled with asphalt with electric welding, which caused the burning of asphalt and the explosion of the iron bucket, resulting in the death of the worker's skull base osteolysis, brain contusion and laceration. Similar incidents have occurred in other places. Moreover, the pollution caused by waste iron barrels is also quite serious. The iron barrels packed with asphalt can not be recycled, and even the construction site is polluted. It often happens that on a completed road construction site, nearly 100 waste asphalt barrels are discarded, the ground is covered with asphalt, and there is no grass, and the natural ecological environment is seriously damaged

in view of the problems existing in iron drum packaging, it is imperative to improve asphalt packaging

in the 1990s, many people of insight in China also explored the use of flexible packaging instead of iron drum packaging, which failed due to large investment and difficult technology. In 1995, hongderen, the current general manager and senior engineer of Dalian Xinke packaging materials Co., Ltd., embarked on a hard and long way to tackle key problems with a determination and courage to change the backward face of asphalt packaging. At that time, he was the director of a small chemical plant. With his more than 20 years of experience in the chemical industry, he began to develop asphalt flexible packaging bags with two other engineers in a simple laboratory in the plant

first of all, they raised part of their own funds to purchase raw materials and test equipment, and conducted hundreds of tests on key technologies such as heat resistance, anti sticking, compounding, bag structure and so on in the production of flexible packaging bags. When encountering difficulties, he went to colleges and universities for advice, and finally broke through the difficult pass. In 1996, the first hand-made asphalt flexible packaging bag came out. This bag is composed of two layers of kraft paper inside and outside, and degradable fibers in the middle. The inner layer is coated with anti adhesion agent, and special sealing tape is used for the upper and lower bottom. The inspection department has determined that the anti sticking, strength, heat resistance and other indicators have reached the relevant standards, and the bag can be stripped from the asphalt below 50 ℃

the samples are taken out, and then there is the problem of production equipment. Once, Hong Deren went to a machinery factory to seek cooperation in the production of asphalt packaging bags. He said to the director of this machinery factory, I have asphalt anti sticking composite bags. This universal tensile machine can be used in the program control experiment or cycle experiment production technology project in the software. Can you cooperate with me to develop the equipment? The factory director said to Hong Deren, are you kidding? Your bag can fill more than 200 degrees of asphalt, and it can make asphalt and paper bags not stick

in order to convince the factory director, Hong Deren came to the factory for the second time with paper and adhesive on his back. He made a bag on the spot and demonstrated the filling and stripping. The factory director was very moved and finally agreed to jointly develop equipment. In 1998, the first prototype of asphalt flexible packaging bag production line was born

the initial success did not make Hong Deren and his partners breathe a sigh of relief, because they knew that a production line from coating, compounding, bag making, sealing, filling to invest tens of millions of yuan, and now they have reached the end of their tether. A Japanese businessman learned about the achievement developed by Hong Deren and proposed to buy this technology with 1million US dollars to gently pick up the electronic extensometer, but Hong Deren didn't agree. He said that this achievement is the achievement of the Chinese people and must be promoted by ourselves

in the face of Hong Deren in trouble, his wife said, why bother asking for trouble if you leave a factory director alone and you still have diabetes? Hong Deren didn't care about his wife's kind advice. What made him most sad was that he couldn't afford the tuition fees of two school children. Hong Deren felt sorry for children for the first time in his life. Money was too important for them

when the promotion of hongderen's scientific research achievements was troubled by funds, Mr. lichuanhong, chairman of Dalian 999 group and a well-known entrepreneur in Liaoning, learned about this situation. He learned about Hong Deren's personality and the future of the project through his friends, and decided to help Hong Deren. He found Hong Deren and said, "I have identified your product and person. Let's work together and I will support you financially!"

in the face of Li Chuanhong's Bole mind, visionary mind and the strength of 99 group, especially chairman Li's cherish of talents and scientific and technological achievements, deeply touched the hearts of Hong De people. He agreed to share his achievements and jointly develop asphalt flexible packaging bags with the 99 group. In 1999, Dalian Xinke packaging materials Co., Ltd. was established. The company has invested more than 40 million yuan to build a modern plant. A computer-controlled production line with an annual output of 20million environmental friendly asphalt flexible packaging bags has been put into operation, with an annual output value of 120million yuan. The structure, material, shape, sealing tape, compound agent, anti adhesion agent and other achievements of the asphalt flexible packaging bag have been approved as national patents by the State Intellectual Property Office, of which the anti adhesion agent has also filled a gap in the world. This year, the company was recognized as a high-tech enterprise by the Dalian municipal government, and the asphalt flexible packaging bag project in 1999 was also included in the national Spark plan

at the provincial scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting organized in August this year, experts agreed that the environmental friendly asphalt flexible packaging bag produced by Dalian Xinke packaging materials Co., Ltd. has four characteristics:

1. Environmental protection. The materials used in this bag are kraft paper, fiber, anti adhesion agent and compound agent, which are degradable and recyclable, and do not cause any pollution to the environment. It is called green packaging

2. Good heat resistance and anti stickiness. After testing, this bag can be filled with asphalt below 280 ℃, which fully meets the production conditions of asphalt. At the same time, due to the anti viscosity of the bag, the asphalt can be separated from the package below 50 ℃, which will not cause asphalt adhesion and residue

3. Convenient for transportation. With new flexible packaging bags, a 60 ton wagon can be stacked 20 layers high without damage

4. Save packaging costs. If iron drums are used for packaging, 6 iron drums are required for each ton of asphalt. If each old drum is 30 yuan, the packaging fee per ton of asphalt is 180 yuan, while the packaging fee per ton of flexible packaging bags is only 150 yuan

Dalian Xinke packaging materials Co., Ltd. develops and produces environment-friendly products. According to Guo Xinrong, Secretary General of titanium dioxide industry branch of China Paint Industry Association, the news of asphalt flexible packaging bags has aroused great interest from customers at home and abroad, and merchants from many countries have sent people to negotiate. At present, the products have entered the United States, Iran, Saudi Arabia, France and other countries as well as major domestic refineries

the products sell well, and the company pays more attention to quality management. Recently, Dalian Xinke's Asphalt flexible packaging bags, anti adhesion agents and other products have passed the ISO9002 quality certification, and the production of the enterprise has stepped into a scientific and standardized operation track

in the face of market demand and development, hongderen, general manager of the company, said: there is a great demand for environmental friendly asphalt flexible packaging bags. Next, we are ready to cooperate with domestic and foreign manufacturers interested in asphalt packaging production and establish several branches to expand production scale

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