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IBM automotive and parts manufacturing solutions

in the highly competitive automotive and parts manufacturing industry, as an enterprise manager, you may have been troubled by these problems: how to anticipate and meet the changing consumer needs of customers? How to expand your company's market share in the automotive industry? How to reduce costs and improve profitability? How to provide the best products and services beyond customer satisfaction? How to better use and develop human resources and improve the quality of employees...

if you were looking for it yesterday, today, IBM's office automation system tailored for the automotive and parts manufacturing industry will provide you with a truly effective solution

with the advent of the era of knowledge economy, the survival and development of enterprises show more and more dependence on knowledge and learning. "Learning organization" theory, as one of the most cutting-edge management theories in the world today, emphasizes that individual strength can be condensed into organizational strength through team learning, and the ability of organizations to actively adapt to external changes and self-development can be enhanced by relying on individual and team knowledge. Only when an enterprise becomes a learning organization can it obtain continuous development momentum, promote the continuous emergence of innovation, have the ability to quickly respond to the market, give full play to the role of employee knowledge capital, and achieve the ultimate goals of enterprise satisfaction, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, investor satisfaction and social satisfaction

the dynamometer pointer stays still or suddenly drops to the point and then swings within a small limit. At this time, the deformation increases quickly.

the office automation system framework with "three platforms and one portal" as the core provides comprehensive information technology support for achieving this goal, provides tools and places for organizational learning, and can transform organizational learning into innovation through efficient knowledge management, Provide enterprises with sustainable core competitiveness

among them, the information integration platform extracts, aggregates and integrates the data distributed in various heterogeneous systems (including office, finance, personnel and production) in the enterprise; The collaborative work platform will realize the functions of office business processing (official document processing, information release and other office business processing) and communication basic platform (real-time communication, fax, email, SMS); The knowledge management and enterprise training platform improves the work efficiency of enterprise employees through four links: knowledge acquisition, knowledge sorting and classification, knowledge release and collaboration, and knowledge innovation, and improves the ability of enterprises to quickly respond to external events through the platform, so that the knowledge of enterprises can be shared and transmitted among employees; The construction of the information portal will operate the application systems. Therefore, the tensile machine for testing high molecular polymers is different from the usual tensile machine for testing the tensile properties of materials. The interface is designed and realized uniformly through the portal platform. Make the operation interface clear, beautiful, clean, intuitive and coherent before and after operation

the office automation system of automobile and parts manufacturing enterprises designed based on the concept of learning organization not only meets the needs of learning organization office, but also has the following characteristics to meet the deeper needs of our manufacturers, including perfect knowledge management system, centralized and unified user management, single sign on (SSO), real-time communication and collaboration, personalized services, cross server and cross regional applications The system efficiency should consider protective mining, user-defined forms, perfect trace retention function, diversified workflow, and convenient HTML format in information release

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