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Shanghai United Maitong multi-channel customer contact center solution

Shanghai United Maitong (hereinafter referred to as United Maitong), founded in 2001, specializes in providing outsourced customer service center services. It is one of the first enterprises in China to practice modern customer service centers, and currently has more than 1200 seats deployed in Shanghai. It provides comprehensive outsourcing services including e-commerce, live broadcasting, software development, light consulting and other external channels for nearly 100 of the world's top 500 enterprises. United Maitong's partners can focus on their own core business, saving time and effort. Everyone should be careful and understand better than the standard set by the United States. At the same time, they can enjoy the new technology and new applications of customer service center brought by United Maitong. In 2020 alone, 1 industry invention patent and 15 software copyrights were added

the case of the solution Party of the multi-channel customer contact center of Maitong in the event of a fire stems from the continuous operation practice of cross industry and multi projects for nearly 20 years. The mature operation and maintenance and modular research and development continue to be applicable to different business scenarios, the business flow process is visualized, and the efficiency of user consultation processing is greatly improved

the complexity of business logic and user feedback is relatively high; There are many departments involved in problem handling; Business pain points such as large differences in the contents of various work orders. United Maitong has multi-channel access, including CC, web, mail, etc., and is integrated into the same business acceptance platform. This machine introduces the principle of process control, holds the custom business problem classification, assigns different problem submission channels to different customer service representatives, and automatically transfers different types of problems to designated personnel through configuration, which is not limited by departments. The whole process from user feedback to problem allocation and problem handling can be checked and controlled to improve the efficiency of customer problem solving. The custom classification of process can set different customer service to be responsible for different types of business links, and automatically flow to the designated role for acceptance through the process designer, so as to orderly complete the internal coordination of the whole customer service and continuously improve the consumer experience

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