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dwggateway plug-in program in solidworksofficepremium allows AutoCAD users to really share the design of the data conversion tool

dwggateway with anyone. At the beginning of this year, the compatibility between the old and new software of AutoCA ultrasonic vibration atomization pulverization technology D can be solved only by replacing the deformed and worn parts, Now it has the function of publishing AutoCAD design files to the general adobepdf file format

this new function is completely free and can be downloaded from. DWGgateway makes it easy for design engineers to share design results with anyone, regardless of whether this person has AutoCAD software after recent years of development. This person only needs free adobereader software to see the results of AutoCAD software design. Adobereader software almost exists on everyone's computer desktop as common as page browser

dwggateway data conversion tool is authorized by Adobe to use PDF technology and has the ability to generate PDF documents, which makes AutoCAD easier to read, communicate and collaborate after all experiments. The ability to convert PDF enables the designer of AutoCAD files to set the document as read-only to protect the interests of the designer

“ByaddingAdobePDFsupporttoDWGgateway,SolidWorksisensuringuserswillbeabletomoreeffectivelysharedesignswithvirtuallyanyone,insideoroutsidethefirewall,”saidEugeneLee,vicepresidentofmarketing,IntelligentDocumentsBusinessUnit,Adobe. “AftercreatinganAdobePDFfile,DWGgatewayuserscanthenfurtherextendthelifeofthedocumentbyharnessingAcrobatsoftwarefortaskssuchasaddingsecurityandcompletingthecollaborativereviewandmarkupprocess.”

"DWGgateway adds the function of converting PDF files, and SolidWorks ensures that users can more effectively share designs with anyone, whether inside or outside the firewall," said Eugene, vice president of marketing, Adobe intelligent documents Mr. Li said, "After generating adobepdf, DWGgateway users can further use adobeacrobat software to complete the settings of security and collaborative preview."

adobepdf is the standard format of electronic document exchange, with more than 500million software copies worldwide. Adobereader is used by people all over the world, and the top 10 PC manufacturers in the world have embedded the software in their computer operating systems.

about DWGgateway data conversion tools

DWGgateway tool, which can be downloaded for free from, enables users of any version of AutoCAD software to open and any version of DWG format files. This function enables users of AutoCAD software to read DWG format files generated by various versions of AutoCAD software without upgrading AutoCAD software. So that AutoCAD software users can work efficiently with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers without being troubled by the problem of "version incompatibility", saving time and cost. More than 150000 AutoCAD software users downloaded DWGgateway free software

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