Successful ignition of the world's largest oxy fue

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The successful ignition of the world's largest oxy combustion photovoltaic glass furnace helped Hefei build a "photovoltaic leading city"

Hefei Municipal Administration can carry out a number of performance experiments on various materials, such as stretching, tightening, twists, peeling, shearing, etc.; Wang wensong, vice mayor of the government; Jin Hongrong, deputy general manager and member of the Party group of China Electronics Information Industry Group Co., Ltd.; Zhu Lifeng, assistant general manager of China Electronics, chairman and party secretary of rainbow group company, Siyuncong, general manager of Caihong group, Sun Jie, director of China Electronics production and operation Department, Liu Yonglong, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, Li Haiying, secretary and director of the Party committee of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, Cheng Zhenge, Secretary of the Party group and director of the municipal Bureau of science and technology, Lantian, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and deputy head of the Management Committee of Xinzhan high tech Zone, and Zhu Shengli, deputy director of the Management Committee of Xinzhan high tech Zone attended the ignition ceremony

Wang wensong, vice mayor of Hefei municipal government, congratulated the furnace ignition ceremony of rainbow (Hefei) photovoltaic glass phase II project, and expressed heartfelt satisfaction and pride for the good momentum of rainbow group's vigorous development in recent years. He pointed out that the endless development has also launched its Asia Pacific Innovation Park Phase 2 project. The innovation is endless. The municipal Party committee and municipal government will continue to support the development of rainbow group in Hefei. Xinzhan high tech Zone should further connect with enterprises, provide good services, create an environment, and let more new projects quickly land, take root, blossom, and bear fruit, so as to make the rainbow more gorgeous in Hefei

the world's largest: the daily melting capacity is 800 tons

Rainbow Group continues to expand its production capacity on the basis of the existing 750 ton/day phase I production line in Hefei, and uses the unique 750 ton/day full oxygen combustion furnace and large lead-out calendering Technology to invest 750million yuan to build a world's largest 800 ton/day full oxygen combustion photovoltaic glass furnace and cold end production line, Further build a new step 2 in Hefei: check the energy industry base of material tensile testing machine amplifier unit

green environmental protection: energy saving and consumption reduction by 30%

full oxygen combustion kiln has the advantages of low energy consumption, low emission, high efficiency and high quality. Compared with the traditional air combustion process, it not only saves energy by 30%, but also greatly improves the comprehensive performance of glass. The kiln flue gas emission index is far lower than the national standard, and the yield reaches the industry-leading level

the photovoltaic glass with a monthly production capacity of 2.3 million square meters in phase I project is in short supply only supporting Hefei local photovoltaic module manufacturers. After the completion of the second phase of the project, rainbow Hefei PV will become the world's largest production base of oxy fuel monomer photovoltaic glass, greatly enhancing the market competitiveness of rainbow Hefei PV

independent innovation: it has 63 patents

750 tons → 800 tons, which seems to be an understatement of +50 tons, but it condenses the sweat of countless photovoltaic people. The R & D project of energy-saving and emission reduction technology for Hefei rainbow oxy combustion kiln and main production line is the green manufacturing system integration project of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, and it is also the construction project of Hefei intelligent production workshop. The project has formed a number of independent intellectual property rights, has 63 patents, and its key technologies have reached the international advanced level, among which the kiln structure design and process control technology are internationally leading. It has won a number of ministerial scientific and technological progress awards such as the 2016 Hefei CEC (civil products), the second prize of the science and technology progress award of the China Institute of electronics, and the first prize of the 20th excellent engineering design award in China's building materials industry

in recent years, Xinzhan high tech Zone has actively done a good job in enterprise investment invitation, service and photovoltaic application promotion of the whole photovoltaic industry chain around the construction goal of Hefei "China's leading photovoltaic application city". At present, there are 31 registered enterprises in the photovoltaic industry in the region, with the main revenue of 6.938 billion yuan, an increase of 12.6% year-on-year. The installed capacity has reached 113mw, and the temperature of the available gloss mortar and the curing temperature of the specimen are in direct proportion to the strength value. The roof area is 1.3 million square meters. In addition to rainbow PV, Trinasolar, Hairun PV and other key enterprises have also taken the lead in the research and development of low-carbon products and low-carbon technologies, and achieved phased results

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