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Successful research and development of gas replacement packaging and fresh-keeping technology for protective food

modified atmosphere packaging is characterized by replacing the air in the packaging with different protective gases for all kinds of food to achieve the purpose of corrosion prevention and fresh-keeping. It has a wider application range and better fresh-keeping effect than a single vacuum packaging. It is a new change in today's food packaging

modified atmosphere packaging products for food have developed greatly since they entered the European and American markets in the 1980s, with an annual growth rate of 25% and a total packaging volume of more than 5billion boxes. Products include fresh food (fish, meat, fruits and vegetables), cooked meat products, dairy products, baked goods and noodles. Since the early 1990s, China has started the development and research of modified atmosphere packaging technology and equipment for food, and now it has preliminary conditions for commercial application, but so far the market development is still in the initial stage. How to develop modified atmosphere packaging food and enter the market is a problem that the majority of food enterprises have been concerned about

modified atmosphere packaging food with the best quality. The modified atmosphere packaging process of food is mainly composed of the following parts: the composition and mixing ratio of protective gas and packaging materials, as well as the shelf life under the premise of adding the best packaging quality when there are higher requirements for the toughness of lamp caps through experiments. Modified atmosphere packaging is preservative and fresh-keeping through protective gas composed of two or three gases in CO2, O2 and N2. The composition and mixing proportion of protective gas should be determined according to the preservative characteristics of food. Fish are often contaminated by anaerobic Clostridium botulinum, which produces toxins in the absence of oxygen and when the temperature exceeds 4 ℃. Its danger is that toxins are produced before sensory corruption and are not easy to be detected. Therefore, the protective gas of modified atmosphere packaging for fresh fish should be composed of CO2, O2 and N2. Modified atmosphere packaging of pork, beef and mutton should not only protect the color of fresh meat, but also achieve anti-corrosion effect. High oxygen environment can maintain the red oxygenated myoglobin in meat, and the protective gas should be composed of more than 60% O2 and CO2. Modified atmosphere packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables can delay aging and wilting by reducing O2 and increasing CO2 (such as 5% O2 and 5% CO2) to reduce the metabolic activity of aerobic respiration. The protective gas of other cooked food and baking anticorrosive modified atmosphere packaging is composed of CO2 and N2. Most of the anti-corrosion modified atmosphere packaging materials require the use of composite packaging materials with high gas barrier to maintain the composition of protective gas in the packaging. If the shelf life does not need to be very long, the barrier PA/PE or P generally includes this one - the product parent of nylon, et/PE, can meet the requirements. It is best to use high barrier PVDC or EVOH composite packaging materials for long shelf life requirements. The packaging film of fresh fruits and vegetables plays the role of gas exchange film, which maintains the gas composition in the package through gas exchange between the film and the atmosphere. PE, PP, PVC films with permeability are commonly used, but this film can not meet the packaging requirements of tropical fruits and mushrooms with high breathing speed, and high permeability films need to be developed

establish a cold chain for modified atmosphere packaging of food. Most modified atmosphere packaging foods require storage and sale at a temperature of 0 ~ 4 ℃ in order to protect food safety and quality. At present, the frozen cold chain of food from production, storage and transportation to sales in China is relatively sound, while the cold chain of low-temperature display cabinets, low-temperature refrigerators and low-temperature transport vehicles suitable for modified atmosphere packaging products at 0 ~ 4 ℃ has not been established. Therefore, establishing a low temperature cold chain of 0 ~ 4 ℃ is the key for modified atmosphere packaging products to enter the market

high efficiency modified atmosphere packaging production equipment the main equipment of food modified atmosphere packaging production is vacuum modified atmosphere packaging machine and gas proportioner. At present, China's packaging production enterprises have been able to provide food enterprises with all kinds of bag or box packaging machines, full-automatic vacuum modified atmosphere packaging machines and gas sword finger solid-state lithium battery proportioners. For example, Shanghai JUGANG Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., through technical cooperation with the school of mechanical engineering and automation of Shanghai University and the school of food science and technology of Shanghai Fisheries University, developed a series of modified atmosphere packaging machines and gas proportioners with bag and box packaging based on the production of vacuum inflatable packaging machinery series products. The products developed include box packaging zqt-1 D400 and map-200 full-automatic modified atmosphere packaging machines, which adopt programmable logic controller (PLC) and built-in gas mass flow proportioner. Various packaging parameters such as gas mixing ratio, gas replacement time, heat sealing temperature and time, film sealing traction and mold movement time control can be automatically controlled after being set by LCD touch, which is easy to operate

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