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The new 6-color corrugated board flexographic printing has been successfully developed

recently, the Dobek flexographic printing machine tp2200, jointly developed by China Academy of launch vehicle technology and Beijing Dobek packaging and Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., was released in Beijing. Dobek TP series flexographic printing machine has significant advantages such as low cost. It is a high-precision shaftless corrugated board printing machine successfully developed by adopting the latest printing machine design and control technology in France and the powerful technology and manufacturing advantages of China's aerospace industry. The machine adopts advanced permanent magnet brushless motor, servo feedback meter, and computer control system in the fields of new urbanization, transportation and water conservancy infrastructure and advanced equipment manufacturing. Non metallic materials and composite metal materials will be widely used and modular single machine independent control system. It has the characteristics of simple mechanical transmission structure, low vibration, high transmission accuracy and so on. The machine not only takes into account the efficient production of large quantities of live parts, but also realizes high-quality point printing

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