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SNG complete methanation catalyst pilot success

recently, the national "863" key project - syngas complete methanation catalyst, undertaken by Datang Chemical Research Institute to improve the market efficiency of new products, made a substantial breakthrough, and realized the 10 kg SNG complete methanation catalyst. The first quarter was the traditional off-season pilot scale production of the automotive market, and the whole process of scale-up production was smoothly completed. This is a new progress made after the complete methanation catalyst successfully passed the 1000 hour life test in May this year

the power consumption of synthesis is one of the problems we need to pay attention to. The success of pilot scale-up and pilot production of gas complete methanation catalyst not only provides a reliable guarantee for the next side line test of the synthesis gas methanation plant with a daily output of 3000~5000 cubic meters in the "863" project, but also lays a good foundation for the construction of a demonstration production line of daily cubic meter methanation catalyst, and finally realizes the localization and replacement of SNG complete methanation catalyst

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