Successful hoisting of urea plant pool reactor of

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On April 1, with the pool reactor of urea plant successfully hoisted in place, Shaanxi chemical group 1 The last large-scale equipment of the energy-saving and emission reduction technical transformation project of Kaifeng Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. has been installed and has been fully transferred to the commissioning stage. It is expected that qualified urea products can be produced in the first half of the year

the reactor is 31 meters long, with an inner diameter of 3.5 meters and a weight of 366 tons. The urea plant adopts the carbon dioxide stripping production process of micabong company, which will touch the main design parameters related to material shrinkage. The horizontal pool reactor is used to replace the traditional vertical synthesis tower except for stronger materials, which not only greatly reduces the height of the plant frame, saves investment, but also makes operation and maintenance easier. The picture shows the hoisting site of pool reactor

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