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The successful research and development of water-based paint series has added a "new favorite of environmental protection" to the paint industry.

it is an insurmountable problem in the paint industry to replace the traditional chemical paint with safe, environmental friendly and healthy water-based paint. After 8 years of research and development, our "bangxuan" enterprise has successfully developed a series of water-based paint 21187-t4 that can be used for plastic, wood and other materials, which can completely replace the traditional ordinary paint

traditional chemical paint has flammable, explosive, toxic and heavy metal hazards. The paint industry has been looking for a truly safe, environmental friendly and healthy paint to replace traditional chemical paint. After 8 years of research and development, Wenzhou bangxuan Technology Co., Ltd. finally achieved success

(interview with liuyongqing, chairman of Wenzhou bangxuan Technology Co., Ltd.: the solvent of our traditional paint contains toluene, toluene and banana water, which are harmful to human body, environmental pollution and unsafe for fire fighting (ingredients). All our products are made of water. Our paint has solved these three major problems.)

according to Liu Yongqing, chairman of the company, "bangxuan" enterprise has adhered to the application of the latest theoretical achievements of water-based coatings since 2002, and created special processes and formulas. It began to tackle key problems from the most difficult plastic water-based coatings. After nearly 8 years of efforts, it has finally achieved positive results. It has been successfully applied in large enterprises and product production lines such as Lvyuan group electric motorcycle production line, Star Holdings to improve filler dispersion, glass fiber preservation length Group Co., Ltd., high-end export helmets, etc

(interview with liuyongqing, chairman of Wenzhou bangxuan Technology Co., Ltd.: the whole paint (market). According to relevant data, every year, the paint alone accounts for 7-8 billion of the national oil resources, and the solvent alone. If we use this paint, these billions can be replaced by water, which is our biggest highlight.)

this major scientific research achievement will be regularly inspected at the 2009 China (Wenzhou) scientific and technological achievements fair and Zhejiang, China; At the international bicycle and electric vehicle exhibition, it attracted the great attention of many experts and enterprises, and became an exhibition commodity of the United Nations Pavilion of the Shanghai WorldExpo

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